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Azure Spa
Azure Spa
Relax your body and mind at our beauty salon.

Relax yourself at Azure Spa, while enjoying the harbor view. The beauty salon is equipped with separate rooms and bath to ensure your privacy. Are you tired from your long flight to Okinawa? Did you get sunburned under our hot tropical sun? Try our beauty salon that will treat your body using Okinawan products and aromas.

Location … 3rd Floor

Open … 13:00-22:00 (last order 21:00)

Contact us … extension 34

Body course
Body course

Half body 60 minutes ¥10,000

Bodylymph treatment 90 minutes ¥15,000
※Woman only

Ryukyu TEE-NON-DEEN 90 minutes ¥16,667

Thai massage 75 minutes ¥9,000
※Do not nuse oil.

【Ryukyu ESTETIC ORIGINAL~Body&Facial~】

Goya harmony 120 minutes ¥20,000

Kucha harmony 150 minutes ¥24,300

Nuchima-su harmony 180 minutes ¥30,000

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

2 persons charge

Pair course 60 minutes ¥23,148
Body oil treerment for 2persons

Pair course 90 minutes ¥30,000
Body&Facial oil treerment for 2persons

Facial course
Facial course

Emerald green 50 minutes ¥8,000

Azur special 60 minutes ¥11,000

Mermaid blue 90 minutes ¥15,200

Maternity special 70 minutesn ¥12,000

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

An ancient traditional Hawaiian massage technique that will detox your body and help release it from stress.

Body 70 minutes ¥11,000

Body & facial 100 minutes ¥14,000

Spa Options
Head Massage 20 minutes ¥3,000
Foot Massage 20 minutes ¥2,500
Information concerning all of our courses

You need to make a reservation for all services in the beauty salon

Pregnant ladies should tell the staff in advance

The time of the massage is subject to change depending on counseling or additional treatment needed such as cleansing, face washing, changing of clothes, etc.

All of our courses are done by hand

During the treatment, please take out your contact lenses and take off all jewelry.

Depending on the customer's skin and health condition, we might change or cancel the treatment.

For body courses, please finish your meals 30 minutes prior to taking the treatment

If you are late for the treatment, we might need to change or cancel your reservation. Please contact us in advance if you will be late.

The displayed prices Consumption tax.

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